Dogs need both physical and mental stimulation provided by their owners by daily exercise. Exercises give a dog a natural outlet for energy. They create strong bodies and good muscle tone for the pet. Lack of sufficient exercise, will result in boredom and behavioral problems. A well-known yard or a house is often boring for a dog. Even if the dog is in a big yard, few exercise on their own, so it will presumably sleep all day without the interaction of exercise by the owner.

Just letting your dog out to the backyard is not enough and does not give the exercise the dog needs. And again a brief daily walk sometimes is not enough either. Then how do you decide how much exercise your dog needs? The type of exercise you choose for your dog should depend on the age, weight, health and breed of the dog. Is your dog eating a lot? If it is, is it eating out of boredom? Is your dog a hunter or a retriever who likes to run or is it a small breed who likes to sit on the couch? These are some of the questions you have to ask before you provide your dog the proper daily workout.

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