Does your dog come running at dinnertime because you’re shaking his kibble out of the bag? Or is it because you’re stirring his wet food in the can? Or do you shake a little, stir a little? When choosing a dry diet, a wet diet or a combo for your dog, there are many comparisons to make.

Wet vs. Dry Food

Deciding between wet and dry food for your dog can be tough. Dry dog kibble is easier to store and serve. Wet contains fewer grains and more protein. Here are a few more comparisons:

Benefits of Dry Dog Food

* Easy to store and measure out

* Benefits your dog’s teeth and gums

* Helps insure firm stools

* Lower cost per serving

Drawbacks of Dry Dog Food

* According to the Animal Protection Institute, some dry foods are sprayed with animal fat, an unnecessary and unhealthy ingredient

* Tends to be high in glutens

Benefits of Canned Food

* Contains more protein which can be beneficial for some dogs

* Contains more moisture which is good for hydration and the urinary tract

* Many dogs find it more palatable than dry food

* Long shelf life when unopened

Drawbacks of Canned Food

* Some dogs gain weight more easily on canned food

* Short shelf life when opened; requires refrigeration

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