1. Body Condition: Your dog should appear healthy and not show signs of obesity or muscle loss.
  2. Skin, Coat, Eyes: The skin should be smooth and clean, the coat should be shiny and soft, and your dog’s eyes should be clear and bright without any discharge or cloudiness.
  3. Mouth: The teeth and gums should be free of tartar and plaque; healthy gums should not be too pink or puffy.
  4. Immune System: The immune system works on the inside but shows on the outside in a healthy, vibrant dog that has a shiny coat, good muscles and endurance, and is alert and lively.
  5. Bones and Joints: Your dog should be able to move easily without pain or stiffness; he should be interested in play and have good posture and attitude.
  6. Digestion: Check your dog’s digestion by inspecting the size and quality of the stool. Firm, compact stools indicate your dog is getting the most nutrition from his food, while runny or soft stools could indicate a digestive problem.

You should never skip your dog’s annual veterinary check-ups. If you find any problems when you give your dog the six-sign exam you should schedule an appointment with your veterinarian right away.

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