Dog Food Advisor is a website that breaks down the make-up of most dog foods on the market today – both dry and canned. Our pets, like us, need good quality foods to function at their peak.  Many dog owners are surprised at what goes into the food they are giving their dogs.  Many of the ingredients tend to be a bit mysterious while others sound much better than they are.  Throw in some fancy packaging or marketing and voila – Fido may just be chowing down on chicken beak for the next month.

It’s important to realize that a dog food that saves money at the register may not save money down the line.  Along with medical bills that can result from ingesting inferior dog food, dogs usually require less of the high quality food to obtain their daily nutritional needs thus stretching out a bag of superior dog food and lowering overall cost.  Please click the following link to see where your dog food stands:

Dog Food Advisor

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