When you play with your dog you not only give your best friend something to do, but you also bond with your pet. Here are some tips for fun activities to do with Fido.

Dogs can become quickly bored by having nothing to with their time. Imagine just sitting (or sleeping) all day with no one to interact or play with you. Tragically, that’s the daily routine of too many dogs that are left alone to do nothing fun or constructive, even when their owners come home.

Advantages of Playing with Dogs

* Keeps dogs out of trouble – When dogs are bored, there are more opportunities of getting into mischief, causing harm to themselves as well as damaging their owners’ homes and yards.

* Less chance of getting rid of Fido – Dogs occupied with safe activities are less likely to be given over to shelters because of uncontrollable behavior and destruction done to homes.

* Bonds owners and dogs- Besides challenging your dog, both mentally and physically, playing games with him bonds you with him.

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