We all love our dogs and often indulge them in extra treats, snacks and even food from the dinner table. Unfortunately, as with people, we have to be careful what we give our pups and make sure they maintain a healthy lifestyle and weight. An overweight dog can suffer from many health issues, from breathing problems, heart problems, and even diabetes. The added weight that the dog has to carry around can also add stress to the joints and bones, making movement difficult and painful.

So what do you do? You don’t want to deny your dog the love, attention and rewards for being your loyal, dedicated companion. And you don’t have to, just reward with healthy rewards.

Is my dog overweight or obese?

How can you tell if your dog is overweight or even obese? There is a quick way to identify if you’re dog is in need of a lifestyle change.

Can you find your dog’s ribs easily, or do you need to search to find them? If you can not locate them quickly, you have an overweight dog. If you realize your dog is overweight, don’t be offended, it happens to the best of us, with well meaning intentions. But use this information as a way to help your dog and make him or her comfortable, healthy, and bring the spunk back to your pup.

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