You’ve likely had your dog on the same food for a while now so it’s no surprise if he’s starting to turn up his nose at it. Many dogs are finicky eaters, some breeds more than others. The Basenji, Siberian Husky, and the Yorkie are just a few. In the wild, dogs will eat most anything but, in our homes, they learn that some foods are edible and some are fantastic.

Even if you’re diligent about not feeding your pet people food, they smell it and see it on the dining table. Never feed your pet from the table as this whets his appetite for steak and lowers your position as alpha.

There’s a difference between a picky eater and a finicky eater. A picky eater will only occasionally refuse to eat and can be easily tempted with a slice of cheese added to his bowl. A finicky eater is what we deal with here, a dog who has decided he’s giving up dog food for good. First, you want to rule any health issues out first when a dog makes any behavioral change but if your vet gives your pup the thumbs up, there are several ways to get him to eat without disrupting his stomach.

Ways to Persuade a Finicky Eater

  1. Tone Down the Treats– A finicky eater is more likely to eat if he’s not comparing his dog food to a liver treat.
  2. Feed Often – Try feeding smaller amounts of his regular food three or four times a day.
  3. Exercise – It’s good for so many things and it increases a dog’s hunger. Try always exercising your pup before a meal.
  4. Spay or Neuter – If you haven’t already, fix your pup. Besides the many health and behavioral benefits, it can help prevent a finicky eater.
  5. Make it Positive– Always make feeding time a positive experience. If your pup associates it with irritability or punishment from you, he will be less likely to want to eat.
  6. Keep It Quiet – Feed your dog in a quiet area without children or other dogs mulling around.
  7. Try Different Times – Some dogs eat better in the afternoon, others eat better an hour after you’re home. Test it and see what time and situation work best for yours.
  8. Resist Temptations – Try the other tips before giving into the urge to tempt your finicky pup to eat with people food. You’ll find that a few pieces of cooked chicken will perhaps tempt him for a time but he’ll soon grow bored of that, too.

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