when I moved to Charleston was using Dogstar – hands down! There is no better feeling that knowing these guys, Brett and Nick, love your pup as much as you do!

Aside from having an easy-to-use online appointment set-up and payment options, Dogstar goes above and beyond to take the very best care of your pup. After just a few visits with Charlie (two-year-old puggle), they started to understand his little personality and began switching up his visits to make sure he received the best care possible – often staying a bit longer just to get in a extra few minutes of tug-o-war or fetch in the park.

And as a physician, my schedule changes often and unexpectedly, and Dogstar handles my last minute change of plans with ease. AND one of my most favorite parts of the day is coming home to read little Charlie’s ‘pupdate’ on how/what he did during the visit with Dogstar!

Dana ~ Downtown

We have been using Dogstar…

with Brett and Nick for over 3 years and are happy with their performance.  We tried local kennels but sometimes our cat had fleas and seemed distraught upon her return home.  Now she gets to relax in her familiar environment and we get texted pictures of her during our trips.  I’m not sure she even misses us.

We were recently on  a three week trip to Italy.   While we were on that trip Hurricane Mathew developed in the Caribbean.   We were distraught about our cat.  Nick kept us up to date on the storm track and advised us that he and Brett were hunkering down in Charleston to ensure they would be able to take care of all their charges.  The storm hit Friday night through Saturday morning.  Nick visited Saturday night and updated us that neither our cat or our house had any damage.  It was valuable information which allowed us to enjoy the rest of the trip.

We will continue being Dogstar Pet Care customers in the future.

Gary and Judy ~ West Ashley

Extremely accommodating, reliable & very friendly!

Working 13 hour shifts while having rescued a 6 week old puppy was only made possible because of Brett, Nick & Kristina. They were great about helping out or changing plans last minute, sent email and/or text updates and pictures of her and did an amazing job of wearing her puppy self out (which is not an easy task…) The logs they kept from each visit were hilarious and a highlight to come home to. They made me and my dog so comfortable and without worry or hesitation about her care or the care of my belongings. You won’t be disappointed. I wish I could have them here in Charlotte–she misses her buddies 🙂

Leslie ~ Mount Pleasant

When the year 2011 began…

David and I realized we were going to be doing a lot of traveling and couldn’t obligate friends for the large task of watching our beloved boys, Batman and Parker. We didn’t want to do a kennel for obvious reasons. Thank goodness our mutual friend Maggie, referred Brett and Nick at DogStar. The usual description of a successful service doesn’t begin to describe the quality and care DogStar brought to our boys, with every visit.

Brett and Nick knew how to establish a great rapport with my husband David, and myself. They quickly recognized the personalities of both our dogs, and you can see it in the picture texts they sent of our boys every night while we were away, letting us know all was well. They talked to the antics of our crazy dogs, and I could tell that they really loved them too. Truth be told. there were times when we returned home that David and I would joke because Batman and Parker’s eyes had something of a “Augh man, you’re back… There goes all our cool walks.”

DogStar pricing is refreshingly competitive, and allows options of different package to help your wallet if needed. I think it’s rare to find such high service like this in any industry… We are so grateful that someone has figured it out, and look forward to continuing to support DogStar’s thriving business. Much to our boys delight, I’m sure we will be calling them again soon! – Highly recommended!!!!

Jennifer ~ West Ashley

My dog hates being left alone…

but I don’t think he even notices when I get Brett and Nick to watch him. From the first time I worked with them, I have been 100% comfortable leaving my dog and house key in their hands! I have been using DOGSTAR Charleston for 2.5 years and have had nothing but GREAT experiences with them! I recommend them to all of my friends with pets that need to be watched while they are out of town or need to be walked during long work days!

Willow ~ Downtown

Mojo loves Dogstar and so do we!

Before we found Brett and Nick, we worried about leaving town. As a dog owner you want your pet to be cared for and don’t want to burden friends or family- it can be stressful. I found Dogstar through online searches and reading all their positive reviews assured me they were worth looking into.

Nick and Brett responded immediately and were very professional. They scheduled a time for Brett to come for an initial “meet and greet.” Mojo is a happy dog, so we weren’t worried about that at all. What impressed us was their over all professionalism, communication and follow up and most of all while we were gone we received updates from Brett with pictures of a happy dog every day. When we returned, Mojo was happy to see us but peering around us for Brett and his next Dogstar walk. 🙂

Our neighbors even commented on how impressed they were that Brett was there like clock work every day. Also important: Prices are fair and the paypal feature is fantastic. We were able to pay online very easily- fill out all our paperwork online, the whole system is a breeze. These guys have it down.

We have an upcoming trip and Mojo is pulling our bags out of the attic as I type – he can’t WAIT to hang with his buddy. Dogstar is the best dog sitter and dog walker service you can find here in Charleston!

Heather ~ West Ashley

I have been using DogStar…

for just about a year now and cannot say enough great things about Brett and Nick!! I was very hesitant at first with the idea of a complete stranger coming into my house while I am away, but Nick and Brett are far from strangers. Brett came over for a consultation and made me feel very comfortable right away.

Brett and Nick come three to four days a week to let my crazy and energetic one year old out during my 12 hour work days! They work on commands with her while they are here and always leave such great notes that I look forward to reading every day. They make you feel like your dog is the most important dog they are walking.

Dogstar is extremely flexible!! Last November Payton had an eye infection and she needed drops three times a day, which was impossible for me to do while I was at work. They had no problem doing this at no extra charge and even texted me updates at work each day so I would know how her eye was doing. I also occasionally have to watch a friends dog for a week at a time and they walk both dogs for me at no extra price. They are so friendly and professional and their website is so easy to set up and pay for appointments.

DogStar will treat your dog like one of their own. I highly recommend DogStar. You will not be disappointed!

Sarah ~ Mount Pleasant

My husband and I discovered Dogstar…

after being very disappointed with the kennel we had used in the past. Our dogs LOVE these guys! We come back and they are tired, happy and in perfect shape! We have dogs with special needs (from not liking all dogs, to not liking all people AND needing meds) and Brett and Nick have never had a problem with them! It’s so nice for our pups to be able to stay together at our own house, and get such GREAT care and exercise! We will never use anyone else! I love that I get texts from them and they send pictures to us! It’s so nice to know our dogs are in such great hands!

Whitney ~ Downtown

DogStar is a life saver!

I first hired DogStar after I walked 50 miles for charity and was too sore to keep up my border collie mix, Mia, on her daily walks. Mia enjoyed her jogs so much with Brett and Nick during those couple of days I was recuperating that I hired them to jog her once a week. I love coming home to an already exercised dog.

I also hire DogStar to walk/jog Mia when I’m out of town. My mind is always at ease knowing she is being well taken care of and they send daily texts and picture messages to let you know how things are going. Mia started with seizures just this past year. Brett and Nick always ask how she’s doing and offer to come check on her if I’m ever worried after a recent episode. They really care about Mia and I know Mia just loves them. I would and do recommend them to everyone!

Nettie ~ West Ashley

It’s hard to find someone you trust…

with your life, but I think it’s even harder to find someone you trust with your pet’s life. I trust my best friend implicitly, but I would still be anxious to have her take my beloved pit bull mix (who adores people but has some anti-social tendencies when it comes to other dogs) out into the neighborhood where neighbors’ off-leash dogs can be around any corner. With Brett & Nick caring for her, I can breathe so much easier because I know they can handle any situation.

Not only do they genuinely care about the well-being of their 4-legged clients, they are completely professional and reliable. I would treat my dog to their company every day if I could! But even though I only use them on an as-needed basis for now, they have a knack for making you feel like you are their only client. No matter how long it has been since I last called on them, they are there. And no matter how last-minute a call (I had to use them in an emergency once with only a few hours’ notice), they are there. They must be superhuman because I don’t know how they do it! But I am so grateful that they do! I would recommend them to ANYONE (and I do).

Elaine ~ James Island

I’m so happy with DogStar’s services!

Brett and Nick are terrific. I tend to travel on a whim, and they’ve been able to handle all of my last minute requests. I always feel good about leaving my pets in their care. I especially love that I get frequent text message updates and pictures of my rabbit and cat while I’m gone; it’s nice to see their furry faces 🙂 I don’t think there’s another petsitting service out there that goes as above and beyond. The price is awesome, the service is awesome, and I can’t say enough good things about DogStar!

Samantha ~ James Island

WOW, DogStar is amazing.

What a team to help us out in a bind. We have a 1 year old blind German Shepherd “Odin” that has not been alone since we got him and is quite the “special” dog. I had to go out of town for a wedding and my boyfriend was called out of town at the same time for a work meeting. We were scrambling to find someone that was available to come 3-5 times a day to the house, as our special guy could not handle being in a boarding facility.

It was so wonderful to go through everything with DogStar sending daily updates, progress reports and photos. All of this made it so much easier and a relief for us. Our Odin boy was in good hands with DogStar and I will tell anyone how great they were.

Kristi ~ West Ashley

My husband and I used to travel…

all of the time with our two dogs Bella and Titan. We would make it a point to find a pet friendly resort to take them with us. We just recently had a baby and realized that it’s too much traveling with a baby and two dogs! We refused to put our dogs in a kennel!

I happened to find Dogstar online and decided to give them a try. We have been using Dogstar for over a year now and cannot be more happier with their service. They treat our dogs as if they were their own! We love that they text us each day to let us know how the dogs are doing! I would recommend Dogstar to anyone!!! These guys are great! 🙂

Lindsey ~ West Ashley

Brett and Nick are awesome.

They have been taking care of our dog for about a month. They do such an excellent job. They never push Champ to go for walks, but find other ways to exercise him. Champ had some GI issues last week and Brett was amazing! He called me to let me know the situation then cleaned up the mess… dog, crate, and everything. He definitely went above and beyond. We love the daily updates and find them very entertaining. WE LOVE DOGSTAR!

Courtney ~ Mount Pleasant

DOGSTAR has single-handedly…

made it possible for me to work regionally without worrying about the well-being of my two small dogs. I took a chance on them through a google.com search and felt lucky when the services they delivered were top notch first time around.

Brett feeds, administers medicine, and walks my dogs all while allowing them to stay in the comfort of their home. What’s best is that my more shy and cautious dog Betsy knows right away that Brett is a dog person. I love that they are comfortable and at ease. I love the photos I receive and the dog journal. Paying online with PayPal is easy and convenient and the prices are reasonable. WE LOVE DOGSTAR!

Merridith ~ Mount Pleasant

Great.  I really feel more at ease…

about my pets since we stared using Dogstar over a year ago. They have really helped out not only when I am out of town but also when in a bind and have to make last minute changes. One problem with dog kennels is they take only dogs so we were always trying to convince someone to take our rabbit when we left town. Nick and Brett check and care for “Dusty” as well as the dog.

Jana ~ Daniel Island

Buckley is in L-O-V-E – with DOGSTAR!!

We found Brett and Nick on the internet and thought DOGSTAR would be the perfect fit for our feisty Boston Terrier, Buckley Eugene. He always greeted Nick & Brett with sky high leaps and what we call ninja (super high speed) laps around our living room. We started with the daily walks so Buck could get acclimated with the weather and then upgraded him to the hybrid run/walk. Buckley loved it – AND they helped him lose 5 lbs! He’s in the best doggie shape of his life!

Also, Nick & Brett leave daily notes letting us know how our doggie did on his walk – and all the goofy things he did too!! As a bonus, Nick & Brett were always flexible with our ever-changing schedule, often rescheduling, canceling, or doing extra nightly walks when we couldn’t get home from work. It was obvious Brett and Nick cared about our dog just as much as we do!!

Buckley & I recently moved to Rhode Island and that’s the only reason we’re not using DOGSTAR at the moment. We’ll be back in Charleston in the summer, and DOGSTAR will be the first – and only- call we make to take care of Buckley. WE LOVE DOGSTAR!!!

Allison ~ Mount Pleasant

I have 3 very different dogs…

(huge to small) and Dogstar is awesome with all of them. I also want to mention I have a dog with serious health issues and he gets the same attention as my other 2 more active dogs. Dogstar is for ALL dogs!

I started using Dogstar as a pet sitter but continued with dog walking. My dogs absolutely adore Brett and the walks and it has made a huge difference in their overall happiness. Dogstar gives me a daily note which I really like, they text message if I am out of town, they even sent me pictures while I was away. The note is a real note, telling fun things about my dogs; it is the first thing I read when I come home from work.

I can order services and pay online, which I find very convenient. I also find their prices to be very reasonable, especially considering the service provided. They respond quickly and have been extremely professional as well as flexible. I have lived several places and Dogstar is the best pet sitting service I have used. I am really glad I decided to use Dogstar.

Susan ~ Daniel Island

Sampson and I LOVE DOGSTAR!!!

I first used Dogstar back in September (2010) and absolutely fell in love with Brett and Nick! These brothers are top-notch and I felt completely comfortable leaving them my key and Pit/Dane puppy Sampson. They are super friendly, and I could tell from our first meeting that they are dog-lovers and truly genuine people. They treated Sampson as if he were their own and developed a bond/relationship with him right away. It felt great knowing that my big baby was taken care of and appreciated.

After each visit, they write very descriptive and cute summaries of their walk with your pup (often pointing out Sampson’s cute quirks or his relentless ability to find/chase squirrels). I’d find myself laughing out loud when reading these short paragraphs after a long, stressful day at work. They also vary their walks, taking him on different routes and paces each time. On several occasions, I’d come home to Sampson passed out cold, due to an extra long or vigorous run. Which brings me to their physique…these guys are in shape! Which means they can run alongside Sampson, instead of being dragged behind him like I am often seen doing around town. Other dog walkers can’t do that, and definitely don’t look as good as these cute brothers doing it;)

Another reason I love these guys is their flexibility! My job has crazy hours and changes are made last minute all the time. But I could shoot them a text and they’d respond immediately with a “YES!” Paying was a breeze too…their prices were beyond reasonable and they accept everything (emailing you an invoice for your records each time). Overall, I can say with confidence that Dogstar is your very best choice! Brett and Nick become family and cater to you (and your pups) every need. They go above and beyond, which is hard to find these days!

Erin ~ Downtown

My girlfriend lives in Charleston…

and I saw first hand how much Brett and Nick cared about her dog. Highly recommend Dogstar.

Charles ~ Downtown

We have been using DogStar for a year now…

and could not be more happy with the service that Nick and Brett provide. Beside the genuine love and affection they lavish on our dog, they also leave a note about their visit that makes us feel like we have an idea of how our dogs day went while we were at work. The service also makes the maintenance of scheduling and payment pain-free. They accommodate changes in our schedule on short notice whether it be changing days of the week or booking a last minute out of town service.

We were out of town, we were so pleased to receive texts of how the dog was doing while we were away and loved that our pet could stay in his own home and be cared for by familiar faces. For us, for the few days that we are not able to exercise him, we are confident that our dog is getting the exercise (including runs!) and care he needs to stay healthy and happy.

Colleen ~ Mount Pleasant

My Babies Are So Happy!

Brett and Nick are so devoted, organized, and perfect! They’re easily accessible, easy to contact, and will do anything to help me out with my two dogs. The notes that they leave following each visit show that they truly know my dogs’ personalities and can respond to their needs and wants accordingly. They’re mindful of the weather, or any other situation that might affect the quality of their visit. They’ll make up for the heat or rain by extending the time spent giving belly rubs inside in the ac. It is such a relief to come home after work knowing that my dogs are fed, walked, and loved. I absolutely trust Brett and Nick with a key to my house and full guardianship of my dogs.‎

Lauren ~ Folly Beach

Nick and Brett are GREAT!!

I really could not think of one bad thing to say about these two. Our 2 year old lab had some weight issues and within 4 weeks of her running with them she lost 11 lbs, our vet was really happy with us. I feel very comfortable with them being in our house, even with us not being there. I know that I can trust them to take care of Kona and keep her safe while they are out on a run. I especially enjoy coming home and reading her progress notes that they leave every time they visit. I absolutely recommend Nick and Brett to everyone looking for more than just a dog walker. Thank you,

Erin ~ West Ashley

The “Bestest” Dog Runners Ever!‎‎

10 stars, if I could give it! Highly, highly recommended for: dog walking, dog running, and dog or cat vacation care. These guys are so great with the animals, and extremely reliable. Recent price adjustments have made the service even more affordable. This service is great for those of us who have to work all day and have high energy dogs at home, needing regular exercise. With Jack running regularly, I can now work through the day and come home to a more well-adjusted one-year-old hound mix. He has tons of energy, so this has been such an amazing service for both of us. I would also recommend Dogstar for folks who are visiting the area, to include VIPs, special needs individuals and special needs pets.

The trust factor may be a concern to those who do not know Nick and Brent, but rest assured, as they have my complete and total trust in entering my home when no one is there. They always leave a note of feedback on each visit, so you know the level of activity and how your pet was feeling that day. The Dogstar team will do what they can to accommodate a client’s needs. Located in the heart of Charleston, they can easily access most of the area. Of course, you wish you could give your pets the care they need 24/7, …but when you need an extra hand, count on Dogstar to provide the exercise, playtime, feeding, love and belly rubs on your behalf.

Whitney ~ West Ashley

Business Tripper in LOVE with Dog Star‎‎…

So, when picking a “dog-sitter” you probably immediately think, “Oh god, what if they just come over and steal from me? Or what if they don’t care properly for my sweet little dog? What if… what if?” Right? Well, don’t worry Charleston, there is Dog Star.

I absolutely recommend Dog Star to anyone who is in need of a trustworthy, respectful, and polite dog sitter. My monthly business trips to NY for work were a pain in the butt before I discovered Dog Star. Brett is the most polite and genuine guy I could ever ask to take care of my little pup. I no longer feel worried & guilty for leaving Charleston for my week-long business trips.

While I was away, Brett texted me daily updates on how my puppy was doing, if she was eating, if there were any accidents, how long they played outside, and her general well being. It was wonderful. When arriving back home, it was an easy online payment process using PayPal, apartment looked neat, the trash can was emptied, plants looked nicely watered, and her indoor potty was clean!

It was obvious that Brett took care of every aspect of dog-sitting, and did not cut any corners. Best part: My puppy seemed happier than ever. She seemed well-rested, happy, and ready for Brett to come back over to play. I LOVE Dog Star, and you should, too.

Jandi ~ Downtown Charleston

Stop searching…

You will not find a better team to take care of your dog. Brett and the team run an extremely professional and well organized business. Customer service appears to be their top priority for both the dog and dog owner. I simply cannot say enough about DogStar — they even compelled me to write my very first review, ever…‎

Christine ~ James Island

Nick from Dogstar…

…visited my apartment daily to care for our two cats and patio garden when my husband and I were out of town for a long weekend.

Nick stopped by a week before our trip for the “free initial consultation” in order to meet Malkin and Sasha and get oriented.  He arrived on time, was pleasant to talk to, and took notes about where everything was located and how to care for our cats and plants.

While we were out of town, Nick filled out daily reports on a well-designed form (which was on our kitchen table upon our return) and texted us once when one of our cats did something strange.

When my husband and I returned home we found happy cats, healthy plants, tidy food/water/kitty litter areas, and the informative daily report form.  We were pleased, and will definitely call upon Dogstar again for cat/plant care when we’re out of town in the future.

Sharleen ~ James Island

DogStar is GREAT!

From their amazing ability to connect with your pets to their great customer service…you won’t be disappointed.  My husband and I were always worried when leaving our pups at a kennel, but since we’ve started working with Brett at DogStar we can now travel knowing our pets are safe at home…and in great hands!  We (as well as Biggs and Coco) appreciate all that ya’ll have done!

Jamie ~ James Island

I had the good fortune…

…to have had Dogstar take care of a pit bull puppy that I was minding for a family member.

Brett went out of his way to accommodate my work schedule and the schedule I had established to train the dog. He would walk, run, and take care of her. He even spent extra time with her trying to leash train and house train her. Every day I received a report on how she did and suggestions about training. Most importantly, when I got home, my dog was happy, clean, watered and comfortable.

Dogstar is a truly professional and service oriented business. Additionally, they are really nice people and love animals and the service that they provide. I give them an A+++++++.

Eileen ~ Isle of Palms

Total Lifesavers, Nick and Brett are Super…‎‎

Brett and Nick are the most reliable, trustworthy pet care I have ever come across. They handled my energetic dog very well and always had great things to say about her. After every session, the notes they left made me feel assured that she was taken care of, and always gave me a good chuckle at the end of a work day.

They were so flexible and dependable, even days when I got called into work and unexpectedly needed them to run my dog in the summer heat or got cut early and wanted to cancel an hour before my schedule. They were always very accommodating to my needs and never acted like any schedule changes or unexpected occurrence was an inconvenience to them at all. There was never a time I didn’t feel comfortable with them taking care of my dog or that they wouldn’t follow through on their commitment.

Once my dog even got into some medicine laying around, and they took ever precaution to make sure she was okay. Although as a girl I was a bit apprehensive giving my house keys to guys, as soon as I met them and realized how professional and genuine they were, my nerves were instantly settled and I would recommend them to any pet lover looking for help! Now that I have found them, I have no idea what I would have done without them!

Roya ~ Downtown Charleston